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What are the sizes & prices of calendars?

It is easy to create and edit your personalized calendars with Journi. In the process you can choose from one of three different sizes for your calendar:

TYPE SIZE (in cm) PRICE (in RUB)
Portrait 21x30 1.404 ₽
Landscape 30x21 1.652 ₽
Square 30x30 2.065 ₽
TYPE SIZE (in cm) PRICE (in USD)
Portrait 21x30 19,99 $
Landscape 30x21 21,99 $
Square 30x30 24,99 $
TYPE SIZE (in cm) PRICE (in AUD)
Landscape 30x21 35 AU$
TYPE SIZE (in cm) PRICE (in NZD)
Landscape 30x21 37 NZ$
TYPE SIZE (in cm) PRICE (in €)
Portrait 21x30 16,99 €
Landscape 30x21 19,99 €
Square 30x30 24,99 €

If you want to find out more about how to create and edit your calendars with Journi, click here!

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