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How to change the language of dates in your photo book

You've created a photo book with Journi, but the language of your dates doesn't seem to fit? Most likely you're a multilingual genius 🤓🇧🇪🇨🇮🇫🇷

The language of dates in your photo books is taken from the language of your phone's settings. So if you for example are Italian, your phone's language is Spanish, but you want to have English dates for your photo book from your weekend trip to London, you have to put the language of your phone to English and create a photo book starting with these settings. 😉 

The language of the dates in your photo book will now automatically switch from Spanish to English for all new drafts.

The language of the texts you added will remain the same of course - we don't want to interfere with the work of a multilingual genius 😎

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