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Which pages and elements can't be edited in my photo book?

The first few pages in your photo book follow a given design layout and can partly not be edited.

The Cover
The cover consists of two different parts: the cover photos and the cover title. It will always include both of them. You can choose 1-10 photos for your cover and use different fonts for your title.

Pages 1-3
Pages 1-3 are blank pages and will always stay white. They cannot be edited!

4th Page
The fourth page includes up to 4 elements: a profile picture, the album title, the Journi logo and, if available, the countries you've travelled in. You do not like your profile picture or do not want the countries you travelled in to be included at this point? No problem, you can simply exclude these elements. This page will always include the album title and the Journi logo though. 

5th Page
The fifth page is reserved for the country stamps you visited during your adventures and trips. If no locations are included in your Journi and/or your photos' GPS, this page will stay blank.

If you want to include a dedication or a foreword to your photo book it will be included on page 4 and add an extra blank page on page 5, moving profile picture, album title and Journi logo to page 6 and the stamp-page to page 7.

The Back
The back of your photo album will always include a small subtle Journi logo on its bottom. It cannot be removed!

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