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How to get maps in Journi Print

Just like in Journi Blog, you can add maps in your photo books via Journi Print. This way you can easily display where your Journi took place, cool right? 😎 

In Journi Print the locations are retrieved from the photo itself, you can not add it manually. So make sure you give the app permission to acces location data - go to Privacy - Location services - switch on location services for both you camera & Journi Print👏🏻

Here's how you get it done:

  1. Go to new Photo Book
  2. Select the pictures  you want to add to your book
  3. Go to options
  4. Make sure the switch to generate a map is switched on
  5. A gorgeous map will appear in your book! 🗺

If you don't get maps, there are several reasons for this:

  • For images sent via WhatsApp, the location data is often lost
  • Unfortunately for imported photos from Google Photos - we do not get access to the location data
  • the photos were taken with a camera that does not save GPS data
  • the settings of your mobile phone camera do not record location data (but you can change that in the settings for future pics 😉)

More information about our hacks in case it happens that you don't get any maps you can find here.

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  1. Echo Jinx

    I have no way of grantingllocation permission to the app, not on my phone (Android) nor my tablet (Android). Plus when I create a new book I have no "generate map" switch :(