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What is the difference between "drafts" and "products" in the shopping cart?

When having a closer look at your shopping cart, you might already have seen that there are two different sections: drafts and products.

Here we explain you what they mean, and how you get there, starting at the very beginning:

  1. you click on new photo book/Polaroid box/calendar in the shop
  2. you choose the photos and elements you want to include
  3. you see a preview of your article > Next/Done
  4. if choosing photo book, you can see the "Size & Prize" > Next

Your article is now a product. This means if you proceed, you will order all articles in the product area.


If you have products, which you do not want to order, but still want to keep them, as they might be articles you are just not finished with or you just want to order them at a later point, just put their quantity to 0.

You'll get asked if you want to remove the product from your shopping cart - click on "Remove". Don't worry, nothing's lost! Your article will now be a draft.


If you click on edit and proceed again with steps 3) and 4) your draft will again become a product. If you decide, that you do not need the draft anymore, just delete it.

In the case you have both drafts and products in your shopping cart, only the products will get ordered.

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