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My photo book/calendar has no maps - why?

Are you creating a new photo book or calendar but there are no awesome maps included?  We can help you with that! 😉 

Here are some reasons why this could be:

  • you are importing your photos from Google Photos - sadly they don't allow us access to the location data that are saved on the pics
  • you took the photos with a camera that doesn't save the GPS location
  • you took the photos with your phone but haven't given the camera on your phone access to your GPS location
  • you received your photos via a messenger service (e.g. WhatsApp), which doesn't send the metadata with the photo

But luckily there are a few fixes/hacks for these issues:

  • when you want to include pics from Google Photos please download them to your phone first and then upload them to Journi
  • if your pics don't have any location data you can download Journi Blog and create a Journi with these photos and add the location manually for each moment 

These hacks might take a while, but hey - it's worth it! So have fun creating your personalized photo book/calendar with awesome maps. 🗺🥳

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  1. Echo Jinx

    But the manually added pins are all grey 😭 should generate a random color for same effect as automatic maps...