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During times where we mostly stay in touch with our families over the phone, it's really hard to meet up in real life and create photo books together. But with Journi it's even possible over long-distance 🥰

The only thing you need is the phone number of your relatives (or friends if you want to make a "Friend Reunion book" 😉) and your own phone with the Journi Blog app.

Now just write a simple text to ask your relatives or friends to send you up to 10 pictures of them and their family, tell you a story, and send you their location details. 

A really nice idea for a story is "How we met" or "Funny Story about our Kids" 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Now you can either insert these stories, Infos and pictures yourself into the Journi or you can add your family members as Co-Authors and let them create their own moments.

Once every member of your family or your friend group added their moments you can simply hit "Print" and the photo book is ready. 🥳 If you want to order multiple copies of the same book to give it to all collaborators you can contact us at for a voucher for high orders 😌

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