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What to consider when placing an order?

During the ordering process the user is responsible for…

  • All content being displayed in the product preview - the preview shows exactly the way we will print the product, including the title of the book printed on cover and spine, cover style (like the selected font and chosen color), inscription (if added), texts, photos, stickers, flight and weather elements. We do not print other elements and layouts than the ones the user particularly choose or was shown prior to ordering.

  • The choice of article: including book format/size, cover type (hard or soft cover) and paper type (glossy or matt) - All these elements are up for selection of different kinds for the user and will go into production the way the user selected them. There is a default selection displayed to the user, which he/she can change.

  • Providing us with fully uploaded photos - if a photo is not uploaded properly, we warn the user that the photo(s) couldn’t be uploaded and lead him/her back to the draft to rework the draft or reupload the photo(s). In case the user does not do that, the designated space stays empty, which is clearly shown in the preview.

  • Providing us with a correct and complete delivery address necessary to fulfill the delivery in its entirety - if the user provides us with an incorrect or incomplete address, missing crucial information to ensure a delivery of the ordered goods, a successful delivery cannot be guaranteed, falling under the responsibility of the user.

  • Ordering articles - in case of any unintentional orders, the user has the option to cancel its order via our mobile apps for up to 4 hours. After that, the order will go straight into production and it is not possible to cancel or edit the order anymore. The price for all ordered articles, for which production already started and which cannot be cancelled by the user itself anymore, has to be fully paid and will not be refunded or reimbursed.

  • The activeness of a premium subscription - the payment and subscription itself is handled by either the AppStore or Google Play Store, meaning it is these services providing a correct handling (payment, active subscription, cancellation). Subscriptions will be automatically renewed, if not cancelled in time. 

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